Fitness-babe Emily Furey promoot een gezond leven en een verdomd sexy lichaam (foto’s)

Goede reclame

Instagram zit vol met prachtige babes en hier en daar heb je ook enkele dames die ook een gezond leven promoten door hun sexy lichaam te showen. Fitness-babe Emily Furey is zo een vrouw.

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Personally, I’ve noticed in the last couple months it’s been really important for my stress levels to take some time out for myself during the week. This could literally mean getting up at 7/8am instead of 5/6am for 1 day out of 5. Taking myself to the nail salon to feel human again (self care is v important). Or talking to a friend and venting anything on my mind. Today I woke up at 7:30, cancelled my morning session (as my body was in pieces after yesterday’s mayhem and in this industry the more I recover properly, the less injuries I get), took my friend for lunch at @wearezizzi (because carbs relieve stress right @flohannnon) & then had physio with @fit2functionclinics. Not a bad day for #nationalstressawarenessday. My tips for if you do suffer with stress – and noting that all levels of stress can be different for every person, something that may affect me a lot may not affect you etc..would be to help yourself by exercising, spending time with people you love, eating well & not saying yes to everything ✨

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