De lekkerste yogababe op deze planeet laat haar lenigheid nog eens zien in sexy kiekjes

Een prachtvrouw deze Elise

Instagram bevat heel wat prachtige dames, maar je hebt toch enkele babes die er nog net dat tikkeltje boven uitsteken. De Amerikaanse Elise is één van die vrouwen. Niet alleen houdt zij zich in haar vrije tijd bezig met yoga, maar ook andere sporten waardoor haar lichaam zowaar perfect is.

Ontdek zelf hieronder waarom meer dan 1 miljoen mensen elke dag haar avonturen volgen op het sociale platform.

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As humans we are constantly changing. Growing, altering, adapting. Our cells are continuously dying and regenerating. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, even on a subconscious level, we shed the parts of ourselves we no longer need, we burn, and then like a phoenix we are rebirthed from the ashes. From an evolutionary perspective, this is one of our greatest strengths and the reason we are such advanced creatures. But I think what’s more extraordinary is that we have the potential, the power, to take control of our own development and choose the way we contour and mould within these changes. We can choose to sit back, allow our minds and bodies to do the process all on their own. Or, we can intentionally step in to our conscious bodies and purposefully dictate, manifest, the outcomes we desire. And we can do this, simply by becoming more aware, more present and more open. Meditation, self care, self love, cultivating happiness & lightness of thought, practicing living with a lightness of heart, kindness, affection, curiosity, passion and playfulness. Where we invest our energy, change grows. And depending on what kind of energy we exude, we inadvertently control the way in which our life unfolds. #writtenbysjana Outfit: @aloyoga Pic: @jasonyokobosky

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